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The biosynthesis of rare sugars

Sweetech is an innovative deeptech startup that produces rare sugars (oligosaccharides) with applications for human health.

The sales-purchase of these active molecules will allow our partners to develop new medical applications.

Our production is based on our own patented technology combining economic performance and industrial production all in harmony with the environment.

schema d'une molécule d'oligosaccharide
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Tailored molecules

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Patented technology

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High degree of purity

Cutting-edge technology that meets your needs

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Using eco-responsible processes based on green chemistry principles.

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Quality on an industrial scale

Flexible production, from mg to kg, ISO certified ISO 9001: 2015 (GMP possible).

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Lower production costs due to innovative biotechnological processes.

Health-related oligosaccharides​

Functional oligosaccharides are crucial for most natural biological processes and have incredible potential with many applications:

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Our β-1,2-manno-oligosaccharides are specific antigenic units of Candida with a strong potential for diagnostic tools development, as well as prevention and treatment of candidiasis.

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Immune system

Some of the oligosaccharides exclusively developed by Sweetech have an impressive immunomodulatory potential.

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We also offer oligosaccharides with prebiotic properties that promote well-being and intestinal health.

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An expert team from the research and industry fields​


Julien Durand
CEO & Co-founder

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Yannick Malbert
CTO & Co-founder

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